Nocturnal Yuletide Fleece Goth Christmas Tree Skirts


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Infuse your festive décor with a dash of the mysterious and the magical with our “Nocturnal Yuletide” Christmas Tree Skirt. This personalized tree skirt is a haven for those who delight in a holiday season that’s tinged with the mystique of the night and the charm of Gothic motifs.

Crafted from the softest polyester fleece, this tree skirt offers a cozy, plush foundation for your presents, creating a sumptuous backdrop that contrasts beautifully against the traditional green of your Christmas tree. The one-sided print comes alive with the Nocturnal Yuletide pattern—where Gothic elegance meets festive cheer in a dance of snowflakes, skulls, black cats, spiders, and skeletal reindeer.

Despite its ghostly beautiful print, the base color of the skirt is a warm cream, offering a touch of lightness and ensuring that your tree is grounded in Christmas tradition while still celebrating the shadowy beauty of winter nights.

Each skirt is pre-constructed with a size variance of +/- 2.5″, allowing it to gracefully fit around the base of any tree. Designed and assembled in the USA with globally sourced parts, this tree skirt is a testament to global craftsmanship and quality.

The “Nocturnal Yuletide” Christmas Tree Skirt isn’t just a holiday accessory—it’s a centrepiece that invites stories, wonder, and a touch of otherworldly charm to your holiday gatherings. Wrap your tree in this enchanting skirt and watch as the holiday spirits (the friendly ones, of course) dance in delight around your festive abode.

.: 100% Polyester fleece for a touch of Christmas warmth
.: Generously sized with minimal size variance for a perfect fit
.: One-sided Nocturnal Yuletide print adds a gothic twist to your festive decor
.: Cream base color blends seamlessly with traditional Christmas themes
.: Crafted with care in the USA, bringing global festive charm to your home

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Nocturnal Yuletide Fleece Goth Christmas Tree Skirts
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