VeeFriends UNO Card Pack Sale #1

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Will not ship before July 1, 2022 after Mattel ships out to original purchasers.


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I purchased some VeeFriends UNO card packs and will have a few to sell.

Shipping will be flat rate both domestic and international and come with insurance. There are no returns for VeeFriends UNO packs.

VeeFriends come to life in UNO form! Mattel Creations and VeeFriends introduce the UNO deck reimagined with VeeFriends’ signature characters. A first-of-its-kind collaboration for the NFT community, the VeeFriends x UNO collab gives VeeFriends NFT collectors a chance to own a physical VeeFriends collectible…including Рfor the first time ever Рa very special foil card! 

  • VeeFriends¬†x UNO¬†
  • Signature¬†VeeFriends¬†characters are featured on the UNO cards,¬†like Sweet Swan and Gary Bee¬†
  • Includes special¬†rule¬†card, ‚ÄúWild Sharing Squirrel‚Ä̬†–¬†the next player must take a selfie of themselves and all the cards in their hand,¬†then post it to social media with the hashtag¬†#veefriendsuno¬†
  • Highly collectible special¬†foil¬†card randomly inserted in¬†each deck;¬†some¬†foil cards¬†are¬†rarer¬†than others¬†with the¬†‚ÄúGary Bee‚ÄĚ foil¬†card being the rarest¬†of them all¬†
  • 17¬†total¬†different foil cards to chase;¬†these are collectible¬†non-playable¬†additions to the deck¬†so don‚Äôt worry about¬†using them to win the game!¬†

VeeFriends is all about community. It only made sense to partner with UNO, one of the most beloved games in the world, to make a deck that anyone can play and create memorable experiences. Note: Colors and decorations may vary. 


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